Blondes or Brunettes?

I'm a natural blonde, and while I know there are plenty who would probably kill for my hair color, I don't like it - I like darker hair. I like guys with darker hair, I don't know it just seems more ethnic and interesting to me. what's your opinion about this...stereotypes aside?


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  • Wow, the guys are doing a great job of making blondes feel good lol

    I don't see how darker hair seems more ethnic. Every hair color has ethnic ties. I don't think dark hair is all that interesting either, it's so common. And I'm a brunette.

    Hair is hair. I don't think one color is any better than another. Whatever you were born with looks best.

    • And yet the question is which do you like, not which is superior. You felt the need to defend a hair color, against people only expressing an opinion, in a way that suggests you're somewhat defensive about it rather than just accept that not everyone goes ga-ga over blonds.

    • Your comment is ridiculous. I wasn't defending a hair color against anyone, I wasn't being defensive, I was stating my own opinion that it shouldn't matter. My answer was completely separate from yours and the other guys who posted. The first sentence was about what you guys said, the rest was in response to what the question asker said.

      And the way people view blondes has no effect on me, so why would I be defensive about it? If anything, your comment shows that you're the one being defensive.

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  • I prefer dark hair, For some reason I just fin blond hair boring, not that the people with it are but as a visual there's just nothing that stands out to me about it. Perhaps you're right about ethnicity, brunets can be all sorts of ethnicities but blonds rarely have much diversity in their look.

  • I personally, am very much attracted to brunettes...

    Idk, blondes, to me, they just don't do it for me in the looks department. Like a lot of guys automatically are like "hot blonde!" ya know, Barbie girl, stereotype... but I just don't find them as attractive.

    Now brunettes? I just think there's something REALLY sexy about dark hair (and dark eyes). And when there's a beautiful brunette in my general area, I have a hard time looking elsewhere... lol! ;) Idk, just something about that dark hair. I think think darker hair really compliments a nice tan too.

    Idk... lol! But brunettes for me.

  • Brunette. Blondes just seem like boring. But if you wanted darker hair just get highlights, that's what my ex did and she looked really pretty with them. But a girl with dark hair and like hazelnut eyes...da best lol


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