Girls, guys, which of these looks do you like as winter outfit?

The experience learns this type of question is generally popular: I just took 4 random looks, 2 for girls and 2 for guys. So people, make your choices and comment as you like!

A (for girls)
B (for girls)
C (for guys)
D (for guys)
  • Look A for girls
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  • Look B for girls
    Vote B
  • Look C for guys
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  • Look D for guys
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Most Helpful Girl

  • B for girls and D for guys.
    That's how I dress during Winter.

    • A gorgeous look!
      And try to get your guy to wear D that'll make everyone happy haha :-)

    • Haha I like these simple & to the point answers!
      Most helpful is all yours :-)

    • Thank you! : )

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • I prefer look A for girls but that's not warm enough for winter haha B is nice though too it just looks like she's wearing tights? And I hate tights haha but it's nice. I'm not a big plaid fan for guys so I really like look D for guys :)

    • Haha I'm not an expert in girls outfits but it looks like B is wearing tights indeed, except if it's leggings.
      I hadn't actually noticed that in look A the girl did not have a jacket on... it would be a nice winter outfit with a jacket or a cape on top.
      Oh and just curious (I've never worn them of course) what do you dislike about tights? Uncomfortable, not the right look on you or getting ruined too quickly?

    • not comfortable at all. they always ending up like sagging I don't know how to explain it but they move around too easily, they get crooked and the waistband stays up but the crotch part doesn't always lol they're also not warm at all. at least that's how I feel about all the ones I've worn. I went to catholic school for 5 years so I had my fair share of tights maybe that's why I hate them lol

    • Haha I see. Interesting to learn :-)
      Hear you soon...

  • Well, I like both a and b. But where I live, A would be a Fall look and B would have to be Winter because I'd be freezing if I only wore A in winter, lol.

    • Haha it's actually only now that I realize the girl is only wearing a sweater but no cape or jacket. The hat caught my attention and since a sjawl was also involved and google showed it under "winter outfits for girls" I didn't think of this at the time...
      Conclusion: Canadian eyes are better than Belgian hahaha :-)

  • nothing among the options, i'd never be dressed like that... BLEEEH very ordinary and uncool

    during winter time i always wear a big black leather jacket twice my size, with spikes on it.

    • Haha, you're like a kitchen and clothes rebel aren't you?
      A jacket with spikes on it, goodness... isn't that harmful if you give a girl a hug?

    • i only hug girls naked at my home... never on the outside. a handshake is enough ;-)

  • I loooove the 2nd outfit for girls! That's mainly how I dress for winter 😍👆

    • Haha, didn't you notice me looking? I love that look too :-)
      From the guys' looks I like look C but without sjawl and beenie.

  • i like a because its more common and easier to budget

    • Thanks! With "easier to budget" you mean affordable?

    • indeed

    • Clear! By the way my job is business controller so cost awareness is "my thing" :-)
      Although today is the first day of a week off from work... so I'm trying to change my mindset!

  • B for girls & D for guys!

    • I agree! Lookin forward to seeing all those look B girls on the street haha :-)

  • A is cuter

    • I like both of them... though the most important thing is that the girls feels good in it!

  • Vote B
    the A looks like autumn wear

    • Yeah, I've seen some pics of you and I really think look B would look gorgeous on you :-)

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    • it rains here everyday and heavily
      i am enjoying this weather
      i would be snowwoman at 5 degrees hahah i can't wear thin clothings at that temperature

    • Oh no, think clothes have look gone into people's wardrobes... it's the winter jackets, boots, warm sweaters, gloves and thick tights that are visible in the streets by now :-)

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