What can I do If I can't sell my prada bag?

I can't do ebay bc I get no offers that are high enough! It not a recent bag or lastest bag so I can't do consigment store deal! I don't know what to to do !! I need to buy a chrismas present and I thought I could sell it. Does anyone know any other place where used prada bag sell fast?


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  • well if you can't sell it then you can't sell it. either keep it and cut your losses or gift it. try friends (kinda shitty thing but it might work), if not then internet is your best bet, that comes close to a retailer that also buys back used merchandise.


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  • Sell it to an on, line consignment store like trendlee. com or fashionphile. com you'll get money back and someone will buy a second hand authentic bag

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