Do you like my voice?

I'm really really down about my voice more or less half the time and the other half I just forget about it. I've had people comment on it to tell me how amazing it is and even to the point of fauning all over it when I've hardly even met them!! Other people ask if I have a cold.. and that really gets me down. And I finally talked on the phone with a pen pal last week and he actually told me that my voice sounded like an alien!! Arrrgggghh!! The next time he wanted to call me I texted him why don't you just watch some sci-fi?

I've disliked my voice for so long all I hear when anyone notices anything about my voice is that my voice is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong... I'm kind of caught between boyish and I need a voice coach to help me fix it, unusual and I should take up singing lessons seriously, completely hopeless and I need surgery, or sexy and poetic and creative and mysterious in which case I suppose I should do nothing!

So.. what do you think? Please please please please please please be honest!!! It would kill me to hear polite responses that will just throw me off in the long run and possibly hurt me.
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  • I have a problem accepting my voice, it sucks big time cause
    i got a high pitch voice like a redneck of some sort i don't know
    but i always get called ma'am.. I can reassure i am 100 % man
    it upsets me so much i don't know i tell people i can show on Skype
    i am a male, so i know what your going through but your voice sounds
    like a woman.


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  • meh. . . so so

    Just the average yank girl's voice (do you mind if I call you a yank?). I like your voice though, can you show DooMguy some love? How about a sound job? I'm ready if you are. . .

    Seriously, can I get a shout out at least?

    • Lol@yank... how did you know? A yankee accent should be the last thing I could acquire. I'm English so I should have an English accent but I haven't lived there enough, and I did live in the south for years and years and years growing up, but I don't have a southern accent either. Some people say I have an Australian accent and I just took that as their word for no accent.

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    • I know... *sadly

    • There, there Aquenne. . . it's ok to cry, just let it all out. Don't fight it, just let the tears flow. You'll feel better, I promise

  • Really? I feel like I've heard a voice like yours many times before. It doesn't sound odd to me at all. I wouldn't even think twice of ever commenting on your voice.

    • Odd. Perhaps I'm just hypersensitive? Lol hm... that's really odd to me... I don't hear anyone who sounds like that... can you tell me where you live so I can move there hehe?

    • Come visit LA. You and your voice are welcomed.

  • I think you have a cool voice! You just sound chill/sultry.

  • Cheer up kid

  • You have a cool voice.

  • Not gonna lie, your voice does sound really attractive.


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