I'm a very short young looking guy and it is affecting everything negatively.

I consider myself to be a pretty mature guy. I'm neat, well organized, dress nicely, friendly, and I project confidence. I'm a good public speaker having done a few guest lectures and hosted some events. I am an intelligent educated guy, and yes I consider those to be two different things.

A reoccurring problem throughout every aspect of my life is that how I look physically doesn't align with the rest of me. I'm very short at only 5'3, thin but fit at 120 lbs, and I have a very young looking face.

Employers are always impressed with my resume, cover letter, and my recommendations. Phone interviews go incredibly well, but the moment they see me you can sense the shift from here is a qualified applicant, to isn't he too young to do this?

I have no love life. I was visiting home while my 13 year old sister had some friends over and I over heard them saying I was cute and if I went to their school, etc. At 23 I really do not want to hear that I look like I'm a freshman in high school.

I'm really not sure what to do at this point. My hair is fairly conservative, I grew out side burns, I dress well, I speak well, etc.

I am Native American and what little facial hair I can grow just makes me look like a scruffy freshman.

I don't know what else to say other than I am open to suggestions.

My hair is much shorter than in the icon, I generally wear dark framed glasses (I was biking), as for weight I do work out, eat well, etc this is likely as bulked up as I can get without dedicating my life to it.


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  • to make yourself look older, you should do several things:

    1) cut your hair short. Your hairstyle in your icon is very young-teenish.

    2) bulk up. Gain healthy weight and work out. This will make you look much more grown up.

    3) Do you wear contacts? if you do switch to glasses. If you don't need them and your appearance is really adversely affecting your life, you may want to consider getting glasses that are just for style and don't affect your vision.


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