How to step up flirting?

I've really liked this girl since Feb. I've told her how I felt about her once, and that I liked her. She has told me that she liked me too, before. I went to her house last weekend, but we didn't do anything sexual or making out, etc. I just feel like my flirting with her, is not going anywhere with her.

I'm seeing her tomorrow, what should I do To step up my flirting? (Right now I'm working on breaking the "touch barrier")


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  • If you're still working on the "touch barrier" you could start to give her a friendly hug when you meet her. You could try to comment her on her style or on other stuff you like about her.

    If you're brave you could start making some subtle double meaning jokes if it's appropriate.

    Anyhow, did you actually ask her out on a date once? That could really step up your flirting in a nice way :)


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