What do you think about this dress?


I'm planning on buying this dress and the cardigan that it's paired with on the last picture. I really love the vintage look it has to it, in my opinion, and I was just curious about what other people think about it. I'm going to get it whether people like it or not, though. Lols.


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  • It looks really nice and girlish and you can even pair it with a denim jacket for a more casual look if you want

    and its def something I would get =)

    • I haven't even thought of that, but you're right! It would look really cute with a denim jacket as well! :) Thank you for the tip. ^.^

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  • Well I wouldn't exactly say it was vintage looking. But it's definitely cute.

    If it was me though I'd foget the cardigan - not a fan of it. For me I think it makes it a little too cutesy and young looking.

    It'd pair it wth something darker - an oversized denim shirt or thick, knitted cardigan. This would also help make it look more vintage.

  • Well, the only thing that I don't like about it is the fact that it's kind of the color of some peoples' skin, so it might look kind of odd on them, but if it's not similar to your skin tone, then I think it's fine.

  • I love it. its cute. I don't really care for the jacket with it but its still super cute.

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