Does any one knows about style or how to dress girly? please help, but don't put nonsense opinion like (I don't know). I'm in high school , need help?

please someone help me, give me your opinion, advice, it really would help (:
Need help *!


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  • All pink..

    • Thanks a lot , your advice really helps :D

    • Why do you even want to "dress girly"? Want to impress someone else? That's not good, if you are not really the girly type of girl. But to really appear girly, don't dress casually. No sweatpants, no sweat- or t-shirts. Use somehow bright colors, it doesn't really have to be pink. White, beige etc. they all do their job.

    • Thanks and yes I want to impress someone , but mostly is cuz I want to change of style , ur advice is really helpful :D

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  • Don't wear tshirts or sweatshirts. I usually wear jeans a nice top and flats. If it's cold style it with a cardigan.

  • Don't dress girly, dress you. If do impress the boy you like when not acting like yourself he will like the fake you an not like you.


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