Is there any situation that a guy will get jealous...

If he's not into you?

Don't want to be specific but a guy I've randomly but heavily fallen for saw me talking to another guy who was clearly flirting with me and he looked pretty upset about it.

He has a girlfriend and I'm not getting between them but want to stick around to see what happens between them so that's why I'm asking, to make sure this isn't all in my head (that he likes me).

This isn't my only reason for thinking so, but I do notice every time I talk to another guy or bring up a guy in the conversation, he gets visibly upset. But in a cute way ^_^ very adorable way.

So my point is, is there any situation where a guy would be jealous but not attracted/interested in you? Do you think I'm reading too much into that?


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  • It sounds like he is jeolous, next time he gets upset about a guy

    you should just as him if if he's ok, and most probably he will say "yeah why"

    and you'll ask "because you seemed kinda upset when I brought (insert guys name) up"

    see his reaction, you will probably get your answer there


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  • no, you pretty much hit it on the handle, guys will usually only get jealous if you're flirting with another guy


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