How do I prevent going "braindead" with a beautiful girl?

Alright I'm a pretty shy guy and there's this really pretty girl, who came and gave her phone number to me, and I've called her a few times and we talked on the phone a few times, but then when I see her at school,i go brain dead, and I can't think of anything to say, and she's really popular, so she always has a ton of people around her, who I don't know,and I'm shy so I usually just walk right past her and I'm sure she doest like that. But I really wanna hook up with her so ,what do I do? , ladies help pleaaaaase!


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  • Just go up to her with confidence apparently she likes you a lot because she gave you her number I would do that if I really liked so one that took a lot of guts just go to her she's gonna think your less interested in her by not telling her anything I'm going through that right now with some guy and it really pisses me off if you like her and all that just go to her don't let anything stop you not even the fear just say hi,how you doin, and simple questions good luck


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  • If you are uncomfortable being around her and all her friends. Why don't you just wave her over to you? You know. Wave hello and and then wave her over so that you can talk to her away from the crowd.

    If she really likes you and is interested in hooking up then she shouldn't have a problem leaving the group for a quick conversation with you.

  • Well you need to stop being shy and just talk to her. Girls hate when guys do that to them. Just tell her how you feel and get it off your chest.


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  • Date a few ugly ones first - preferably from outside of your school - tell your class mates your scoring with this hottie in college - word may get around to the girl you like - then when your ready, tell your bros you dumped the college chick because she wasn't that bright - tell a couple girls that while the girl you like is around - then later just walk right up to the girl you like and tell her, I heard you in (whatever, some class, or in the halls), and you really have a lot to say. I want to date a smart girl like you, what do you think about going out sometime.

    BAM - this will take a few weeks or maybe a month, but you can do it -

    also, its a good idea to think of a few phrases that are short and will lend to her talking, that way you can try to regain your calm if you loose your edge. If you can look an ugly girl in the eyes and tell her "Stuff", you sure as well can tell one that is easier on the eyes


    • A- you sound like a major dick

      B- if you ever want anything real with this girl. lying to her is not the way to get her in the sac

  • Well first of all be confident then ask her about her flaws and about her mistakes and about her life turn that beautiful sexy goddess you can only praise into a mere mortal that you can talk to and feel comfortable around and don't be so focused in hookin up with her just make her real then decide if that's really what you want

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