Is it okay or not? Where I can find this costume?

Im 21 year old dude, i wear skin-tight jeans (tighter than girls). Anyway, i always wanted to wear Superman suit. No, not original suit and not any fake or non-tight suit, but Superman Returns movie skin-tight suit. Why? Because this is one of the world tightest skin-tight suits.

Does anyone knows where i can buy this?
Also guys, how would you react if your class mate or buddy wore this suit, shows off his body... would you want to wear tights too? would you watch his ass and think he is gay? or how you girls would react? I wanna wear this suit, show off front of guys in school and have girlfriend who loves that. I am weird gay or hetero and totally normal?

This suit:


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  • You can ask a tailor to design one for you.

    My reaction: I don't care.
    People's reaction: weird
    Weird people's reaction: cool

    • Well in my country population is low and tailor usually makes suit (like smoking) but not skin-tight costume. I tried to search but found nothing.

      I really wanna wear it.

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    • Maybe you can contact someone on Deviantart. com They make superman suits for cosplays. :D

    • Thanks. I gonna look there but i bet they have still like those kinda tights that just are super easy to put on and take off. I want like kinda latex look (i mean like second skin).

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  • Sure it's okay. It would also be funny...
    I don't know where you can get it, though...

  • i could make one for you.. but the problem would be how on earth to ship it..

    • Well UPS or DHL shipping. All suits i seen are non-tight. I really want totally skin tight. I would be happiest if i could wore this suit.

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    • Alright i understand. but what about after PAX? Well i visited webpage you gave and there are a lot pictures. How it works? I mean costume creators? sorry for stupid questions and wasting your time :(

    • i can try after Pax east 2015 but we usually have more lined up, the next should be E3 2015 on June and Gamescom 2015 on September, sry about that :(

      there are 2 ways to get someone to help you out in dA, 1 is to look for them, search for superman costumes in the site and you'll find lots, look for the design you like best and then ask them personally if they'll be willing to accept a commissioned work, the 2nd way is to visit the sites forum and create a thread there asking for artists if they can make you one, the payment system is really up to them, deviantart has its own payment system but it allows users to make their own transactions but won't be responsible for it, good luck :)

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