My boyfriend slept with escorts, and now he's looking again

Before my boyfriend and I were together, he had sex with three escorts and now he's starting to look again. I found the website on his history and when I asked him he said that the website just pops up...the thing is, when something pops up it doesn't go into more than one spot on the site. I want talk to him about this, I'm not saying that he is cheating or anything, but I want to know what sparked this interest in it again.


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  • What kind of website did you find? Is it one of those dating/hookup sites where you chat with others?

    If he is frequenting a site where they hookup with escorts then he either has cheated or will in the near future. People don't just look for no reason. I'd be different if he was looking at porn but if he has been known to visit escorts in the past and then is going on websites where you can meet actual doesn't look very good.

    • It isn't one that you actually chat with people, you can just look to see what type of girls there are and have a way of contacting them, he said that he didn't email or call any of just seems weird that he is just looking

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