High school girls, where do you get your underwear?

Bras, panties, whatever. Where do you get them?
I'm a senior in high school and honestly I just wear whatever my mom gets me according to my size. Its not like I'm showing anyone my undergarments looool

Then on second thought.. I started to wonder if I was the oddball. So where do you and your friends get your undies, girls? Places like Victoria's Secret?


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  • No I'm 16 and Victoria's secret is far too expensive. I see no point in shopping there for several reasons:

    1. No ones going to see my underwear but me... And maybe girls in the locker room or my friends but I'm straight and I'm not trying to look good for them anyways.

    2. I'm not having sex so why shop a t Victoria's secret?

    3. Even if I was having sex I'm 16. I'm young I have a nice body. Why would I get expensive bras and underwear for a guy to take off and barely even notice?

    Like you said my mom still buys my bras and underwear or I'll go with her and pick them out at stores like Walmart, Target, Aj Right, Marshalls, Tj Max etc and beloeve it or not despite the fact that I'm the only one that's sees them they're still pretty cute or sexy.

    • Oh okay :) like every time I see a girl about my age walk out of Victoria's Secret with her mom I always thought I was the weird one, wearing cheap underwear, instead of sexy $60 ones. I agree lol no one sees my underwear except me.

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  • well just cuz no one is going to see them dosent mean somebody woint find out what you wear. some girl will see you changeing in the locker room or while you sit it will show in the back.. let not forget panty lines... cuz your mom probably get your briefs from hanes.

    now as a guy i will have have to admit that i like a girl in regular cotton panties... i think its super cute.. i actually not a fan of thongs or lacey shit..


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  • I usually go to Aerie. They always have some great stuff! I never go to Victoria's Secret. That store kind of pisses me off.

    • They have stuck up staff.. They never help younger clients... Target for me too!

    • Haha I can see why Victoria's Secret pisses you off XD I like Aerie too, although I've never gotten something from them :)

  • I shop at PINK. It's really not that expensive? They always have the 5 for $25 deal going on so actually they're each like $5. Plus, I've found that they last forever, fit well, are super comfortable, and if you get the lace or seamless they don't show panty lines. If you don't like VS/PINK then fine, but you don't have to be having sex to shop there... I've never even had a boyfriend and I shop there all the time.

  • TJMaxx and Ross, you can get designer brands for super cheap, its just a hit or kiss on the correct sizes but kind of like looking for treasure:)

  • Target is the go to! But when I got a boyfriend, I started investing in Victoria's Secret lol.

    • Haha that's what I'm planning to do!

  • I always got mine from Victoria secret, but I never paid for them. My mom stopped picking out my underwear before 7th grade... You're a bit odd lol but hey whatever works for you works :)

    • So you would just go by yourself and have been picking out your own undies since 7th grade? At Victoria's Secret? Whoa o. o

    • It's fair to say I wasn't by myself since I wasn't paying for them lol

    • You can buy 5 pairs for $25, which I liked

  • Target, TJMaxx, Aerie... I've never been in Victoria's Secret. I just go for cute and comfy underwear. Don't really have much that's fancy or sexy or anything.

    • I've never been to Victoria's Secret either. I agree.. I have cute, comfy, inexpensive underwear, and not elaborate, sexy ones. I always thought I was weird.

    • Right, I don't think that's weird at all. It's probably more common than you think, honestly :)

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