Man, she was the only positive thing I was so excited and looked forward to. Now, its over. I was too late.

A girl who I would never have thought showed me interest. I missed chances to approach her. I always looked forward to seeing her in school, nervous yet happy, excited to go to school, hating the weekends. I always thought about her.

So this year she still glances at me sometimes, and now, when I finally have enough confidence to approach her, she met another guy at a party, and well. it still says she is single, but her status was awesome night with a heart and her friends say tell me the story and they say I'm so happy for you.

It had to be a guy, and I know I shouldn't get hooked up on one girl, but she is the only positive thing that has happened to me lately, and she is so beautiful, and I wish I had approached her. I could have proved everyone wrong who said there is no way she showed you interest.

What to think?


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  • Ok, first of all, come down. Relax, it's not the end of the world. Just because she had fun at a party doesn't mean she met the love of her life- people typically have fun at parties. On the other hand, you're probably getting a little too attached. Girls like attention but hate smothering. If she did meet someone, just try to find something to do on the weekends, hang out with friends, play basketball, go see a movie.

    I think that you just need to go for it. Strike up a conversation with her, be relaxed. She's not going to hate you if you come off a little awkward at first- in fact it'll probabley be endearing.


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