Why does he want pictures?

Okay so this man asked me to send him some pictures of me. He already knows what I look like since he has seen me recently and we have known each other awhile and I have some pictures on myspace.

He didn't ask for anything suggestive or anything (so I gave him a tasteful picture). He said he wanted something that wasn't online already. What do you think that means? Does he want to show it to someone else? Just want it for himself? Is it a safe bet to think he likes me or finds me attractive? Do men use fully clothed photos of women they like to get off?


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  • Uhhh

    he likes you - if you don't like him, then tell him so - otherwise, you giving him a picture may lead him on.


  • I don't get off on fully clothed pics. But chances are, he is wanting more risque pics. It isn't a guarantee, but he probably does. I mean, why else would he want pics if you have some normal ones already that he's seen?


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