This girl squeaked when I smiled at her? LOL

So this girl randomly sits next to me in class this past friday and started talking to me..she begun asking me questions and started teasing me, and after she said some dumb comment I smiled at her...and she let out a quick squeak. She looked away like nothing happened.

LOL it wasn't a squeal like a pig, but like a quick squeak...any reason?

lol she definitely isn't shy...the exact opposite, actually :D


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  • Aw, that's adorable. Usually if a girl does something like that it means they're excited, or whatever. Like, I don't even know how to put it into words, exactly, but I've known some like shyer quiet girls who do things like that when a guy they like, or at least thinks is cute, smiles at them or does something similar.

    • Oh, I don't know, then. Maybe non-shy girls do it sometimes too.

    • I shouldn't have said EXACT she has no problem talking to people.

    • Well, some girls are only shy around guys that they like, and are completely normal around other people.

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  • Haha well she likes you and she got happy when you smiled at her.

    Some girls do that.

    Maybe she thinks your smile was cute.

  • yeah, she really likes you! :)

  • She likes you and she got embarrassed when she squeaked


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