My Hairline Is Receding Quickly? Is Regrowth Possible?

My hairline at the front corners is receding really fast im only 19. i just a got a haircut today and the bloody barber managed to cut far back specially when he lined it up. bloody guy pissed me off he couldnt speak nor understand English and its cost me. i tried going to some African barber but they wete booked out. He brushed my hair backwards and wanted to lay it flat as he did this i saw how far back my hairline was and it was embarrasing. The two front corners are the worst. I asked for a 4 top and 2 sides but the illiterate guy just nodded and ended up giving me a 2 top 1 sides i was fucking annoyed. I was embarrased by the outcome so i avoided going to work for the day. I want my hairline to move a little forward and be straight what options do i have. Any shampoos that really help grow hairs or some stimulising agent that can help? or hair centers. Going bold isn't an option as im skinny and I've got a small head and all it wouldn't suit me. Im embarrased to go to work like this i hope my hair grows back quickly. Do you have any ideas/recommendations?


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  • Minoxidil, broh

    • Whats that? and whats do for your hair? Please be the barrer of good news

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    • if you don't want to put chemicals on your hair then you should avoid shampoo too, just said. I have no idea who told you this but in this case i can hardly help you. Minoxidil is pretty much the only way to slow down, stop hair loss and even regrow hair nowadays in case you have androgenic alopecia. Although you can make your hair healthier, thicker so visually you will have more hair. Use mild shampoos that don't contain SLE/SLS. Eat healthy, more water, blah blah blah. May be take some vitamins, like biotin or complex ones. Work out.. .

    • Its been said before and the guy beneath you also mentioned it. honedtly i dont think my hair is going to look any better from eating healthy for a month. any brushes i should avoid my hair is nappy/curly i want to buy a brush and brush forward for waves. should i avoid wave cream. i heard olive oil is good for your hair.

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  • For looks change haircuts so it looks better for the mean time. They have doctors who specialize in that area you might either get hair plugs or they could give certain medication to produce hair growth such as testosterone possibly I'm not too on the subject but a doctor would be the logical choice

    • Alright thanks, i'll go to my GP and check it out. Although i can't do anything in the mean time. It sucks. Any products i should check out that could aid my hair?

    • For now If you ever put any products in your hair make sure it's natural ingredients and no chemicals are involved. There are some products that are made for natural growth they might help but it takes time. If it's embarrassing for you just stick to hats/beanies for a while until you get permanent solution. Has anyone on your mother's side of the family experienced hair loss? It's most likely genetic.