Can someone help me out? Can someone tell me how to dress cute? Plzz I want to impress my crush?

Can someone please help me :(

Impress my crush *!


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  • What do u want to dress cute for?

    • Ok so general high school days girls ussually wear like maybe a crop top with a nice cute saggy sweater and a pair of black or camo wholy pants.
      I still don't really know what type of way u want to dress but that's how most of the people in class dressed.

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  • Yeah, aboit that... if you ever want to impress ANY man, one thing you never do is dress "cute". Hello Kitty is also cute. But then, it's also Hello Kitty.

    Just go ahead and cut the word " cute" out of your vocabulary. You're not shopping with your girl friends at the mall. You in man land now. Men don't do "cute".


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