Do you dye your eyebrows to match the color of your dyed hair?

If you do, do you just use the same bottle for your head for your eyebrows?

I read you shouldn't because the skin on your face is more delicate.
However, I wonder what people do when they dye their hair a very specific colour?
Because so far I've only seen 'black' and 'brown' eyebrow dye.
What do you do when you dyed your hair copper red or honey blonde?

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  • You can dye your eyebrows? :O
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  • I don't know. I've never dyed my hair.
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  • when i dye mine a lighter blonde i leave the dye on my brows for the last two mins my roots are processing and it lightens them to a bronde shade which looks more natural than my brown eye brows even though they annoying match my natural dark blonde hair.

    sometimes i dont bother though because after a month you can see your eyebrow regrowth and it looks kinda patchy.

    red heads would just leave their eyebrows or if they really wanted to have red brows theyd leave the dye on for a few mins too

    • Thanks! I'll try it next time I dye my hair.

    • dont leave it on too long :) especially with blonde or you'll look like you have no eyebrows! lol

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  • you can dye your eyebrows with the same color but you only want to leave it on for about a minute, otherwise your eyebrows will get really dark and it will dye your skin... which would look weird

  • NEver, I dont know how it is going to work
    prefer natural

  • I think most people don't, I have black hair and dyed my hair a dark red but kept my eyebrows black

  • Right now i have pink hair, so i think it's okay if i don't :D

  • I use facial bleach to lighten my eyebrows when I go blonde or red.