Which do guys prefer?

The chill, laid-back girl who loves going to the movies, the beach, dinner, sometimes parties only with a couple of her best friends (definitely knows her limits), etc.

Or the girl who loves to party (especially in Vegas), hooked on the LA/Hollywood scene (clubbing, etc), etc.

Really, what do you guys look for in a potential girlfriend?

Thanks :]

I've pretty much described myself in the first one. I've had people tell me that there's something wrong with me, and that no one will be attracted to me. I've been criticized, sad thing is that I'm related to these people (cousins -_-).


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  • The first one sounds far more appealing.

    • Who cares what your cousins think??

      Are they trying to date you???

      If they are, that is really weird!!!!!!

      I suggest cutting off contact.

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    • Love it, made me crack up.. hahaha

    • And why are you anonymous? You should be proud of who you are!

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