Girls, what goes in your mind when you're near a hot guy(s)?

Hi girls!

When a guy is around or sees a hot gal, mostly he'd be thinking "she's hot," that type of thing, and figuring out how best to approach her.

Do you feel the same thing? Do you have hopes he'd approach you? Any attempt to get him to look at you, like?

Or it's something different?

thanks ! ^ ^


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  • I think girls do think similar things to guys, so they may think a guy is hot if they saw a cute guy approaching them.

    In my own opinion, if I see a guy who is potentially good looking and looked at me then I probably would want him to approach me, as I'd be too nervous!.

    BUt I may smile at him or something or take a glance to get him to notice me too. But I do believe there is a difference such as if a guy sees a hot girl, he will look at her for longer and stare at her or her body, get me?maybe more physical the attraction. I don't know I could be wrong, that's just how I see it though.


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  • i'm kind of immune to guys who are naturally born with good looks because I've been working with models in fashion shows and stuff while in school. so to me, hot = good sense of style...and that usually gets me excited and I'd be staring at them for awhile hahaha.

  • well it depends...its first on personality,...i don't go just fo looks...cuz he could be beautiful but ugly because he don't kno how to treat a gurl I said it all depends...and yes I wish yall guys would stop being so shy...hahahah


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