Opinions on guys shaving their moustache?

I don't have a picture or anything, but what do you think of someone who shaved their moustache but keeps a beard going. I'm sick of having it, but my sister told me some guys look like a pervert.. Or worse when they shave it. I just want simple stubble, but I'm nervous about it thinking I'll look weird or unapproachable.

What should I do?


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  • Beards are hot sometimes. Your sister said SOME guys look like a pervert. Not all. Experiment and if you don't like how you look with it then shave it off too.

  • Umm I think yes because beards are always attractive.. I think it's possible that they can make you more attractive.

    • I'm just worried that I'll look like the things people have said lol. Maybe i'll just do it

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