What body type do men prefer on the female body? Hourglass? Skin and bones?

Is it true that men prefer the hourglass figure? Is a little extra meat on the bones a deal breaker? How important is the girls body in a relationship? Is confidence as intimidating to a guy as it is made out to be?


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  • I like thin & tall.

    As far as confidence, it depends on if it's the "I'm outgoing & get along with everyone" kind of confidence we see in people like Taylor Swift, or if it's the "I'm confident that I can rip your head off & cut you while you sleep" kind of confidence we see in Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama.


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  • I like a slender body, especially a nice stomach on a girl so if she had "meat on her bones" thatd probably be a turn off to me.

  • petite


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