A problem with my eye please read (pic included)?


so as you can see my left iris is higher than the other and i don t know the problem is the iris that is higher or the left bottom eyelid is more dropped? is it possible to fix it? should i go to an ophthalmologist or to plastic surgeon?
  • it can be fixed and i should go to an ophthalmologist
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  • it can be fixed and i should go to a plastic surgeon
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  • Hey-I can't discern any real problem just with the pic. If you have concerns though, definitely go to an opthalmologist. They will have all the answers! Good luck!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Your head is slightly tilted in the photo so it is hard to tell. I would be more inclined to take some tweezers to that monobrow lol.

    • where the hell do you see the monobrow?

    • The beginnings of one. Just where you would expect.

    • i don t have a monobrow but if you take the pic that close of course that looks like this

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  • I don't see the problem. I really don't.

    If you were to cut your entire body in half one half would not look the exact same as the other half. One eye is more than likely always slightly different than the other. Just like for girls one boob is more than likely smaller than the other. Our bodies aren't perfectly symmetrical.

    I'm not a ophthalmologist, but I don't see the problem (no pun intended).

  • See an ophthalmologist before thinking about surgery. The ophthalmologist will judge if it's necessary, send you to a surgeon eventually. The surgeon will cut and stitch even if it's not necessary.

  • there isn't anything wrong with ur eyes!


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