How can I become more confident with myself?

It's not that I care how other people see me. It's more about how I see myself. Everyday I try my hardest to look beautiful, like most girls do. I've become obsessed with this image of perfection that seems to be unattainable without surgery. I feel like I'm pretty attractive, maybe around average, but I tend to dwell on my flaws. I see my good qualities and I appreciate them, but I can't help but notice my flaws more. How can I stop this? I just want to learn to be happy with the way I am but it seems impossible.


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  • Stand tall- good posture

    Get out of your comfort zone and do things which kinda scare you to to or you get anxious about that brings confidence

    Sing out loud I do that a lot and it helps me feel more confidant

    Smile at yourself in the mirror

    Exercise regularly

    Eye contact

    ... hope this helps

    • Thanks, I'll give it a try.

    • Also change the self talk in your head, do't focus on what could go wrong - practice having positive attitude. Focus on the positive things which make you happy and the perrson you are

  • you need to get out more travel voluntary work meet people etc and realise looks ain't everything personality/chemistry is more important.

    • Finding a partner isn't an issue for me. I already have someone that I absolutely adore and he tells me there's nothing wrong with me but I can't seem to believe him. I look in the mirror and I see flaws that bother me much more than I know they should.

    • get your boyfriend to reassure that you are perfect to him.

      I blame women mags/society for girls never being happy with their body/looks

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