Old enough to pull off eyeshadow or not?

I've never really been into makeup but here lately I've been experimenting to try to find sort of like a signature look that can be pulled off very quickly. I usually just wear red lipstick but would prefer to put focus on my eyes instead. Have tried eyeliner---hate it. Would like to try out eyeshadow now, preferably light colors such as gold, and white.

The thing about it is it definitely pops against my dark skin. Not in a gaudy way, but in a I'm-noticeably-wearing-makeup way, which I'm not used to, because typically I either go makeup free or like I said above, with simple red lips. I'm 16 so technically I think I'm old enough to go for a more noticeable makeup look but I'm still hesitant, because I really don't feel mature yet.

What do you think? Old enough or not?
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  • Old enough to give it a try. But it really depends on your face.

    • Depends on my face how?

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    • I look younger, even though recently a few people have told me my face is starting to mature. For most of my high school years I still totally looked like a 12 year old middle schooler. I think I look more like a high school freshmen now, which is still younger than what I really am.

    • just like @liveloverace21 commented, maybe your facial features are good enough for giving them a try. :)

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  • If you want to do makeup go for makeup. If you have darker skin my suggestion is yes, start subtle. I didn't start wearing crazy bright colors until I was 19 or so. I suggest maybe a little bit of blush that's closer to your skin tone and maybe a rose gold kind of eye shadow. White will pop a lot and is usually used as a highlighting color for the middle corners of your eyes and blended with the rest. Lancome makes great little 4-color packs that they usually give out free as samples in department stores. I must have a hundred. They usually come with a card that shows you how to use them all together in some cool looks. Check out those.

    With eyeliner: just takes getting used to. If you haven't tried liquid eyeliner yet, try that and then decide unless it's just the look you hate. Pencils suck and hurt. Liquid all the way, no pain and looks smooth. I use loreal mostly.

    If you think bright red lipstick pops too much (it's meant to), then try a darker color or a pale flirty baby pink kind of color and gloss over it. It gives you a nice kissable wet lips look that I really like.

    Have fun!

    • Thanks for the suggestions on eyeshadow. I actually prefer pencil eyeliner---both the look and the application. I just hate how smudged it gets. At the end of the day I inevitably look like a raccoon. It also takes more precision and time to apply than a simple shade of eyeshadow.

      I love red lipstick, some days though I just prefer to draw more attention to my eyes and go with a plain/nude lip.

    • cool you've got it all covered then. i call my tool kid the spackle box lol. full of crap i put all over my face. :)

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