I need ideas on what to do with my hair?

Okay so I've been getting really bored with my hair recently and I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on styles I could do or possible colours I could dye it.
My hair is super long, like 2ft I think we measured it at, but it reaches just above my butt. I'm not going to cut it.
Check my profile picture to see what I look like, any styles or colours anyone thinks would suit me?


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  • Red, blue, bleached (not white), purple, highlights, shorter hair (anything near or above the neck area).

    You have a very flexible face. As weird as that sounds, but some hair rests awkwardly on peoples shoulders.

    I'm a dude. I should walk away now.

    • I've always had long hair and I love it long, I often tie it back, and people have said it looks nice like that. But thanks for your suggestions :)

    • Well whatever floats your boat. Do wish more women (at least one) answered, so I can learn some other perspective rather than mine and other men's =/

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  • Oh, you're not going to cut it. That's too bad, I was going to suggest to go all Britney and shave it all off, lol.

  • I think your hair looks beautiful the way it is! If you asked me, I'd say leave it alone!!
    But it's your hair :)


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