Need some advice on girls fashion?

so this summer i was out shopping with my wife (im 29, she's 25 btw) for a wedding we were going to. she was looking for some new heels and an outfit. while my wife was looking at stuff i noticed a teenage girl and her mother walk into the store. id say this girl was prolly 16-17 years old. and dressed like every young girl does in the summer... she had on a tank top and some short tight jean shorts. she started looking at some shoes and picked out a pair to put on (very similar to the link i provided). when the girl tried them on she seemed to really liked them and kept asking her mom if she could buy them. her mom did not look impressed at all and wouldn't let her buy them. sure they are very sexy heels i guess... but thats the whole point to wearing heels, and the girl wasn't very young at all. many girls where heels like this and nobody has a problem with it. my wife even when we first met she was 19 so not that much older would wear shoes like this before going out and her parents would see and had no problem with it... my whole point is... sure they were sexy but can there be something wrong or slutty about wearing certain heels or shoes? i thought shoes were shoes. tons of girls wear shoes that have 4 or 5 inch heels and nobody looks twice. just wondering if girls can maybe provide some clarity on this... why would that mother have been upset with the shoes her daughter chose? i have a daughter myself (20 months old) and i will have to deal with this one day so i guess thats why im so curious about the moms reaction.



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  • Well, I think the mother was afraid that the shoes would draw unwanted attention to her daughter, and I can understand that. All mothers want to protect their daughters from harm and those shoes was maybe a bit extreme for someone who isn't of legal age.


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