Tips on making a fake MySpace profile.

I'm wanting to make a fake profile so I can add a few people that I can't add with my actual profile. any tips on making it look legit? Also, is it safe to use a pic off of google or something for my profile pic?


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  • ur such a woman! the more the world has from you, the worst it gets !

    another thing, do you think its okay/"safe" for me to use YOUR picture for a fake profile on MySpace? because y'know I got it from google, I think you shouldn't care !

    please just get yourself busy with something useful, life is beautiful! grow up!

    • Too bad this answer doesn't help me very much. if I cared whether or not people thought it was useful, then I would have asked that instead of what I did ask for....but I didnt! you might think its dumb or not useful, but your not me!

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