How come girls low on looks get good-looking guys and pretty faces sit idle ?

I may sound stupid but I am really frustrated with life. I have looks but I keep myself simple, speak less and a geek. I want to be the fun loving kind but I can't be because I don't know how.

I don't have any boyfriend. What should I do to have one ?


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  • You'd think a beautiful girl would have a boyfriend, wouldn't you? Well guys think exactly that.

    "Oh my GOD, she's so pretty... but it's useless trying to flirt with her; she'll reject me and go straight back to her boyfriend to tell him the story of how this other guy wanted to know her and go out with her."

    So sometimes, in the end, the pretty face stands alone, while some random average girl finds love. A guy thinks he has average chances with an average girl. He's certain he has few chances with a hot girl, no matter how good-looking he might be himself.

    I like the geeky, yet hot-type of girl. If you have watched Back to the Future 1-2-3 and loved the series, I bet you could approach that same type of man.

    • Is that true ? Even a good-looking guy feels he has average chance with an ordinary face ?

      Thats something new to know !

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  • Looks fade over time. Personality and character don't.

    If someone can't get to know who you are, they probably aren't going to know how interesting, fun loving, and truly attractive you are. If you really want to start a relationship, you need to get out and meet people be it clubs, organizations, classes, etc.

  • Because personality > looks. If you don't put yourself out there how can guys get to know your personality any better? Or maybe guys are intimidated by your beauty? You might have to step up and start asking guys out perhaps.

    • Guys intimidated by beauty ?? No no I am not that good looking but yes I do need to step up

  • Weird. I can relate... :). Except I don't really want to be fun-loving. My life is fun as it is. No time to write more...

    • Ok, so I'll spend a little time here. WYSIWYG "What you see is what you get" Looks is a very sensationalist and it attracts people who are sensationalists... that is, they look... they get their fix fast and they move on. There is no reason to waste time to have any long term relationship. Personalities change and evolve forever. Another factor is laziness, if a girl is stuck up, or falls into a stereotype of being stuck up (regardless of how this is wrong)... guys simply avoid the hardship.

  • You need to make yourself available. You make it sound like you aren't even trying. You can't just sit there - get out with friends to meet people or search our people online to get to know and then make it more.

    • I try to speak to people but I feel people don't want to speak to me.

      Its a pain to be a simple studious nerd.

      I am confident when I feel when I am wanted

    • I know how you feel. I dated a girl like you who had the same problems/feelings. You need to get rid of that feeling of having to be wanted. Get confidence in yourself that you are important and have value to anyone who wants to talk to you. Studious nerds are people too, lol. You may be smart and know a lot, but you also like what everyone else does too.

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  • if you find a girl ugly or low...that doesn't mean other see her like that too.

    Everybody has got different taste and preferences,

    who know ? maybe someday in your life a guy which other girls might think doesn't suite you because he is far better looking than you , MAY like you.

    I am sure they too will talk the same as you do now. so be happy and satisfied with the way you look as well as with others.

    if you find s girl no good looking and has a boyfriends...just do one thing...

    CLOSE YOUR EYES...and don't Bother.

    • Oh yeah the "beauty is skin deep" types

      Start loving the pancreas and intestines to call one beautiful

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    • Why do you have to answer questions that annoy you ?

      Stop flaming others ! Get a life !

    • Why are you getting so annoyed...i was cool about it. rather you're making me annoyed by commented something worthless for me ! the probelm is you don't want to hear the truth. I know what you want to hear. ..... you want to hear that the guys should leave the so called Ugly girl that you feel they are....and be with you becoz you think you're pretty. Actually if you were really pretty , I don't think you would have ask this Question. lol

  • Most of my guy friends like Personality over looks. If you don't have a good personality then maybe your being over looked. Don't be just another pretty face. good luck

  • If the girl is ugly and the guy is cute he is probably using her for something, usually money or sex. Girls like that usually try harder and let the guy get away with more because she's afraid of losing them. Usually guys want pretty girls but they will settle for an ugly if she makes it worth his time. Don't feel jealous of girls like that, they are only getting played. Flirt and show the guy that you are interested in him and you won't be sitting idle for long

    • Wish I had a single good-looking guy who admires me :(

  • This question reminds me of that oldies song: Never make a pretty woman your wife, go listen to it, I'm sure it must be true, it was a hit song back in the days.

    • Jimmy Soul- If you wanna be happy, is the name

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