my boyfriend is starting to act more femininely towards me and around me. it started ova a phone convo we had about what we wanted to go as this Halloween. he asked me what I went as last year an then I asked him. he told me he had went as a girl to just do it and walked around the mall. ever since then he keeps bringing up bout how he would want to switch places this Halloween like him be the girlfriend and I be the boyfriend so basically like we switch each other clothes and stuff an him act like me and I act like him. is this weird or is it just something that I should do and not bring up so much about it because I think it will pass after Halloween and it will go back to normal. I mean the more he brings it up its kinda like I wouldn't mind to see what he looks like as a girl because it would be for laughs right? so what do y'all think I should do with this situation? (and no he isn't gay)

thx... :P


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  • just go along with it. when I first started dating this guy he was dressed as a girl for halloween. I knew he was cause he told me and I thought it would be funny. but then when I saw him dressed as a girl I felt wierd. like is he gay or Bi. I felt a little uncomfortable talking to him with a skirt ,wig and lipstick on, lol. but after 2 weeks I got over it and we had sex. so I knew definitly he wasn't gay :) so just say you will do it. hopefully he changes his mind if not who cares, it will be funny. don't forget to take some pics :)

    • So you think its deffitnely worth it? I mean personally like you said it will be funny and I can do his makeup and all. An I don't blieve that guys that do dress like girls are gay or bi or nothing its jus like why would he want to be that with so many other options? Do you think he is doing it for me to go through with it so he can show me how comfortable he is with me? How was ur experience how did yours all start off and end?

    • Too him he thinks its funny so just go with it. a girlfriend needs to be supportive even if the idea sounds stupid. you don't want to do it cause your embarresed? what's the real reason you dont? give him other options as costume ideas. if he's sticking to that just go along. I think he's just wants to do it cause he thinks it will be fuuny or different.

    • Yea that deff sounds like him. he said that he was going to have pads and tampons with him in his purse and put candy taped around it and pass it out on halloween. I thought that was kinda funny when he said it ahahah.

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  • it may be a closet fetish he has or something he always wanted to try, I would be a little skittish personally but at the same time I think my girl looks sexy in my clothes so I can't really say much.

    • Well its not like he's asked me for any of my stuff yet.

      soo what do you think I should do jus go along with it or jus hope it passes over and act like it nva really happend?

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  • i met up with my boyfrined at a club. I didn't even recognize him. then he came over to me and started talking to me. we took some pics. towards the end of the night he started dancing reggaee with me and I felt a little uncomfortable with him dressed as a girl. I did not find him attracted and I didn't even want to kiss him. but like I said when I saw him again dressed regular as a boy. it was fine. I was attracted to him again. he was just a really ugly looking girl, lol.