Am I a hipster or tomboy?

So here it goes. Listing my wardrobe first looking at my shoes, I have everything from unisex flip-flops to converse sneaks to combat boots to even wedges (just 1). Looking at my uppers they're all like basic polos or men's graphic tees. Similaris the case with my bottoms they're mostly cargoes n jeans. But I do own skirts and sheer shirts too. But it's like if I wear my skirt or wedges once a month I wear my tees or sneaks everyday. I know being a tomboy or a hipster is not about my looks only its ! y attitude. So more about me... I don't have a bf (not interested either). My hobbies are reading/painting/playing basketball. I love horror movies and am pretty tough. Sometimes I do get into fights but no cat fights I usually beat'em up. I hate drama (all that gossip n breakup shit). I am pretty laid back. Sometimes I flirt with guys other times I'm too busy or even lazy sometimes to think of flirting. And my wardrobe I'd dominated by black but I'm not emo or anything. Soon tomboy or hipster? What'd u say?
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Oh yeah one more thing I do wear nail paint almost every once a month but never pink.


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  • You're not too masculine but any girl who likes horror movies is a tomboy in my book.


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  • You sure you aren't a penguin? I heard they like black and horror movies, too

    • dat's racist

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    • I think that guy himself is a racist n nert73 it'd be more respectful of u to give an opinion with a meaning

    • Cool well if you knew me than you'd know that I'm one of the most sarcastic people out there so good luck with that.

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  • You're a you

    • Maybe ur right anyway thank. But if asked what am I more inclined towards?

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