What is the best way to wash different types of clothes to avoid color fading?

I am always confused and am wondering what is the best way to wash clothes like cotton t-shirts, polos and like jeans and clothes with wool and polyester how should they be washed at what temperature and how should they be dryed. I just want to minimize fading clothes


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  • Okay, so don't mix colors and whites. Wash them in separate loads.

    Colored clothes: Cold water for minimal fading, and low/medium heat when drying to prevent shrinking of any cotton things.

    Whites: Use hot water. A tiny bit of bleach helps keep things bright white. (But don't use to much, because it can deteriorate your clothes over time) When drying use low/medium heat to prevent any shrinking.

    This is how I was taught as a kid, and it's always worked well for me. Be especially careful with the dryer, because there's nothing more upsetting then shrinking all your shirts into crop tops. Hope this helps (:

    • loool thanks this is awesome and yea Idn why I sometimes buy one size bigger to account for shrinking which i did recently so I will be drying it on high heat and use cold water to wash or will hot water once be okay to shrink it or does shrinking only happen in the dryer

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    • Yes, that's what I'm saying. They'll probably continue to shrink if you're constantly drying them at a high heat.

      But don't wash them in hot water, because that has nothing to do with shrinking. That will just fade the colors faster. Wash in cold water, and dry in high heat to shrink them.

    • okay Thank You for the help, I did not know about the continuous shrinking I was gonna get rid of the XL shirts but now I will keep washing and tumble drying them. Thank You and have a Merry Christmas

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  • I've heard that vinegar keeps the color but I don't know. I normally just do one load and then a separate one for towels and sheets

  • To avoid color fading? I do cold water for colored clothes.. warm water for white..
    In dryer, avoid using high heat unless badly needed..


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