Do you think bedrooms say a lot about someone's style, personality?

For example if you walked into a ladies room that had a 'chic' bedroom style, also known as French ornate or royal looking. How would you imagine her to be as a person? Into fashion? Or


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  • My own bedroom doesn't really reflect my style, because I've traded space for the ability to travel 2 months a year. I would think it really impressive if someone I was dating etc had a decked out bedroom - I appreciate people who go to effort. There are a lot of other factors that would lead me to a conclusion about her as a person. People express their personality in different ways. My bedroom has been pretty barren, but I now have a colour scheme in it (my entire life is red/black). I think if I saw something where she had gone to a lot of effort, it would tell me she has something else to her... personally, I wouldn't know how much certain items cost, so I couldn't judge on that. My own bedroom is about comfort (it's very small - barely fit 1 wardrobe and a queen bed in). There are too many other factors to judge a person solely on their bedroom style.


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  • i totally do.

    well id think she was into fashion, probably rich, sophisticated, but also a little too girly to be one of those people i hang around with often.

    • Sorry for the random late reply, but is there a reason you would assume that straight away?

    • sure, it's kinda a psychology thing. you'll notice that ones bedroom actually says a lot about them. things like posters on the walls, colour schemes, how messy it is... theyre all signifiers of a personality, whether the bedroom owner realises that or not.

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  • Yeah, I think so. It's obvious to see my best friend is super creative from looking at her bedroom (she has all sorts of cool DIY stuff in there). And one of my very girly acquaintances has an equally girly bedroom. Nothing in my bedroom matches at all, everything is random with a lot of old decorations from years ago that I've totally outgrown and aren't even my style anymore but I'm too lazy to remove---it's obvious to see how disorganized and non-crap-giving I am from looking at my room.

  • Prissy. High Maintenance. Stick in the mud. That is what I would think.


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