Ladies, do you like to wear the cotton/polyester type of tights?

Generally, on the streets you see these being worn by children, whereas adult ladies generally wear nylon tights.

However, from time to time you see an adult lady in them as well. Rarely though, that's what made me ask the question!

The pics below illustrate what I mean... why do you/don't you wear these or similar tights?


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  • i wear all 3 types. depends on what im wearing, it can be good for different clothes.

    • I see, interesting and thanks!

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    • aw, this is so sweet of you, to try to understand girls)) read "virgin suicides", very nice book. shows how boys see what's going on in girls head through their diary and her views.

    • Thanks for the advise :-)

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  • No. I think those are more for young girls.

  • Nylon is more comfortable

    • Thanks for that opinion! I've never worn either haha (fortunately...).
      But I recognize what you say. Months ago I asked ladies what made them preferred these nylon socks (the low ones that come about as high as sports socks). In pumps or so I could imagine: they're visual and look like pantyhose.
      But even under boots and jeans girls wear them. Which looked odd since they'll wear out quickly whereas normal cotton or synthetic socks last 10 times longer. Girls explained it's because feel lighter.

    • Yeah. Some just don't like the feel of jean fabric either. Its weird be you know, girls.

    • Hahaha, that's not something I've said :-)
      But you know what, we're so happy they're around!

  • First pair is ugly, but the other two are cute...

    • Haha I see. Any idea why you see them so rarely except on kids?
      I think even nr 1 may give a nice general look if combined with the right total outfil. For example under a dark skirt and boots I think it would work... though I'm not an expert haha :-)

    • Actually I see them on older women a lot... but darker colors... Dark blue, black, maroon, brown, maybe polka dots in dark colors.

      I think bright colors or wild prints just feels... childish.

    • Haha, a clear opinion, thanks a lot!

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