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well I was watching YouTube, and I found this videos that I wanted to share and see what you think of this




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  • Makeup should only take like ten minutes, not ten minutes in 3x speed. If you take any longer, when you are only focusing on putting on makeup, then you are putting on too much. It should be only for enhancing, not a complete transformation. Of course I have no control over women and I can't tell them what to do, but it's just my view point.

    • i agree.
      some of this videos are just scary and be on what is a normal look
      and it just not girls, you have guys that do it too

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  • It's absolutely amazing what makeup can do

    • yes, but also very scary...
      imagine how many guys think they are sleeping with a extreme beautiful girl and she is not...

    • Very true. But that girl cakes on that makeup, it was so thickly applied. Maybe that should be a red flag to guys, if it's alwuas a ton of makeup then maybe she isn't so pretty

    • yeah, I think that's what the person that made the second video try to show...
      I would feel cheated you know

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