Cows lick, so annoying?

I have a cows lick on my fringe which makes any kind of hairstyle virtually impossible. Even the simple side part is a pain which is what I normally wear but it just looks rubbish because the cows lick just makes it look uneven. I know you can get rid of it unless your shave all of it off, just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to deal with it? It seems worse when I use wax..


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  • The spikes at the front of my hair are actually just a controlled version of an absolutely ABSURD cowlick. I feel your pain. I'm stuck with this haircut for life.


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  • I have a cows lick, just use it as part of whatever style you throw together.
    I literally spend 20 seconds doing my hair.
    I put gel on my hand, rub it in my hair, little touch up, that's it.


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