Gifts for a preppy girl?

There's this girl that I'm talking to that wanted to do Christmas gifts. We're on break during college, and I have a couple of weeks. I didn't/can't really spend a lot and I feel kinda bad about it. Originally I said a limit of $60. And that any more it would make sense if we were dating. She understood but ready ordered my gifts, one thing I know is a pullover. She said she went over the limit, but we talked about it and now there's no limit.

I don't know much ideas for a gift. I asked what her favorite brands are and she said Lilly (Pulitzer?), and vineyard vines. I looked on lilly Pulitzer and thought a phone case would be nice. It's about $30.

I still want to get her something else, im not really sure what. And I really can't spend too much more but will if it's good. I don't know her clothing size, and I don't think its polite to ask so Im not gonna do that. I don't know if she wears scarfs (i don't know nice brands). She runs a lot and got running clothes for Christmas, so I may go to the running store and see if there's anything unique there (accessories). I know she has a watch she loves so I'm not gonna get another. since we're not dating I wouldn't get gold/silver jewelry or any jewels, but would other jewelry from a nice brand be too much? I would just take her out to eat also but I don't have a car at school.
Any good websites, brands or ideas?


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  • Well have you try a small perfume? Or like you said she likes to run have you seen those calories burner trackers?


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