Soft cup vs underwire?

Why do some women like underwire bras and some soft cup? What's the difference for support?


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  • Personally , I prefer bras without underwire.
    They "add additional support" like some women may say. But, for me they wire digs into my flesh and I get bruised.

    Bras without wires are way more comfortable.
    Even the soft cups are as well.

    When wearing a bra you want the most comfort and the ability to feel secure. Some bras are so comfortable it feels as if u aren't wearing any.

    • Maybe you are wearing the wrong bra size. This is my gf opinion because she works as a certified bra fitter at Nordstrom.

  • I didn't mind underwire until I had the wire work its way through the material and stab me. Felt great. That was it for me and underwire bras.


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