If I was to change my style, would people think it is a good thing or a bad thing?

Well I wear everyday a t-shirt jeans van type of shoes and a sweatshirt. I really have wanted to change to a more preppy look, wearing a v-neck sweater with a dress shirt under neath with darker colored jeans. Would this be to big of a change, and would people think its a bad or good change, because i don't want to look stupid. And ladies out there if there was a guy you liked that did this would it make you more attracted or less?


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  • V-neck sweaters on guys are soo cute :) <3

    And they look less of a dick than guys who wear long socks and over-sized shorts.

    I say do it, and don't give a shizzle about what other people say.

    Or I recommend switching the styles around, or even putting them together.

    Because in my opinion, the styles aren't so different from each other.


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  • You won't look like as much as a douche bag so... I say, do it.

  • That's not my favorite look, but it's not bad. Don't be afraid to change it though because either way some will like it, some will hate it, it depends on their preference. I think that most people would at least appreciate that you are trying!


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