Do you think that there is a small window for sexy?

I feel like there is a small window for sexy, it's appropriate to do it at 18 but too immature by the time you are 24. Dont you think so?
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  • ?

    What do you mean?
    Dressing sexy?
    Being sexy?
    Behaving in a sexy manner?

    If any of these apply, being 18 is a bit young if you ask me...
    From someone's 20's to their 50's they can be very sexy... It all depends on the person, really...
    {there are different degrees of sexiness - the one I'm talking about is a classy - no one can see it but my boyfriend - type of thing and it's always in fashion xD}

    • Dressing I meant

    • Dressing... Hmmm... well... sexy isn't as same as slutty. You can dress sexy underneath a classy outfit...
      So there's no age limit there either.

      If you're referring to slutty dressing sense - then it's never appropriate. Ever.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Not really, If you have the confidence and are taking care of yourself then you can always dress up and be "sexy" although when it comes to girls I think some of them confuse sexy and slutty


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