Would a guy rather be called cute or hot?

the question asks itself

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  • Personally I'd rather be called hot, only because I look significantly younger than my age and the word "cute" just subliminally reminds me that I look 18 when I'm almost 26, haha.

    • Hey at least ull be looking 40 when ur 60 lol. ull be a male cougar lolol

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    • Ur almost 26 holysh*t you do loook 18

    • Yup, honest truth - I've aged extremely gracefully. Though I'm sure I'll be grateful for it during middle age or when I'm a senior citizen (if it still holds out by then), right now it's not always the greatest thing. I'm constantly called "cutie", "sweetie", "dear", arrrgggh! Plus when I'm talking to women, some of them have this expression that screams "Why is this high schooler hitting on me?" Meanwhile, I've been out of college for three and a half years, haha.

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  • cute feels like ur talikngbout a kid or babie hots good but its just a very shallow way of letting some know you think thy look good

  • cute implies a sensitive side to the guy, friendliness, gentleness, you know all that good stuff

    hot implies masculinity, manliness, attractive, the physical pretty much, it implies he is ATTRACTIVE pretty much, pleasing to the eye...

    so whichever you wanna imply.

    • Actually I consider cute to be very nice to look at...but I would also use the word to describe personality traits.

    • Well there's more to it than what I wrote down but yeaaaa that's true

  • Cute because hot kinda makes it sound like they are just seeing my looks instead of the person I am. A cute person can have the looks and a cute personality.

  • I'd take either, because either is better than neither, lol.

  • Since I don't get any compliments like that, I'd say either.

  • Personally, I would rather be complemented on my thoughts than my looks.


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