NEW "FASHION", what do you think?

We all know the skinny jeans for guys, which in my opinion, are pretty ugly. But apparently, the new fashion (at least in Spain :( ) is the "Super Skinny Jeans" (patent pending xD). What is the SS Jeans? Women's jeans. Yes, guys wearing women's jeans so that they're even more skinny. Guys go to women's stores, and buy skinny jeans.

I just wanna ask what do people think about this. I'm no one to say what can they wear or not, but in my opinion, it looks awful.
Guys would you wear this?
Girls, do you like guys to wear this?


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  • Honestly, I've never understood how guys can wear their jeans super tight to begin with. I've always thought that they would be uncomfortable due to how tight the fabric would be over their male anatomy. That said, I've seen many guys who wear their jeans tighter than some girls. I guess now they're taking it one step further by wearing girls' jeans. Personally, I'm not a fan of the look but I guess some people are. As long as they're happy with their fashion choices, I guess that's all that matters.

    • I don't understand that either, it has to be really uncomfortable for the "package", and if you wear jeans for women it's even worse, because they're made thinking about a woman's body, not a man's.
      But like you say, if they like it, that's what matters, but in my opinion, it looks really really bad.

    • I agree. I don't like the look either. It just seems so uncomfortable for them.

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  • I'm indifferent about it.

    I like my fitted jeans. Must get them tailored

  • I think I've seen those in a store here the super skinny all I kept on thinking was why... as least it will destroy the sperm of the guys stupid enough to wear it lol

    • That's what I was thinking hahaha At least they'll crush their balls and won't reproduce xD