New Year, Time For a New Look?

I'm a senior in high school and I wanted to try something new. Usually one day out of the week I dress kinda preppy. This usually means a dress shirt with a tie and a sweater and jeans but I wanted to try something new.
What I had in mind is a dress shirt/polo with or without a tie, a vest/sweater vest and jeans/khakis/trousers (varying colors)
I'm not 100% sure about the polo but this is what they would look like

Also I am in desperate need of a new hairdo and I was thinking a comb over the thing is... My hair isn't that long, it comes out to about half an inch from my eyebrows so I'm gonna need to stop cutting it and let it grow. Can a comb over work with short hair? if not then what else can I pull off?
this is me->


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  • All change for the better is always great, and if you think that will make you look cuter I'll say GO FOR IT!!


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