How could I update my wardrobe to look cooler or my own unique style?

I have a fair amount of money... but I still dress in just some plain old polo shirts... I want to dress like I'm successful... but not come across like some stuck-up rich guy... I still want to look down to Earth... but I also want my own unique style... I want to stick out like a peacock's feather... but not in a way that says I am desperately seeking attention... anyone?


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  • If you have the money a Aran sweaters and cardigans are unique and classy attire items they are only made in the Aran Islands in Ireland. They are handcrafted and have a 100,000 stitches. And unique patterns that tell the history of entire clans. I do have a site were I order stuff directly them in Ireland I have several cardigans and sweaters from them, they come with a certificate of authenticity so you know they aren't fake, here is the site. they come in various colors and patterns, you can also pick the pattern you want if you want a certain clan on them. I highly suggest getting one, trust me you will not regret it, plus they go good with all sorts of stuff.

    • Yea I gotta get one of those...

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    • Do you get a lot of looks when you wear them? Are you the only person that wears them?

    • Yea I got looks, and yes around here I am one of the few people that wear one.

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  • Go to clothes shop.. look for clothes that look good, problem solved.

    • Which stores? So that I look better than just some "cool" high school kid whose parents have enough money to buy them nice clothes...

  • Designer shirts are one way to do it, try plain t shirts with different colours

    • Plain T's? I think they need to at least have a collar for me... where do I get designer shirts? Designed by who? And to look like what?

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    • Are these different from stores you can go to?

    • Yeah, the designer stuff are mainly found online

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