Girls, how do you like a guy to dress?

So, how you girls like a guy to dress. What do you like seeing him in? What DON'T you like seeing him in?
Given an average looking guy was walking down the street what sort of clothes would catch your eye?

If any of you guys are wondering what I wear.
I normally wear a beanie and my fringe sticks out.
Jumpers, hoodies in the winter. In the Summer I were tie tops.
Skinny Jeans. Always.
And for shoes I wear Purple Adidas/ Black Converse


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  • Some stuff I like:
    Dark colours, straight cut or skinny jeans and pants, band or quotes or stamp T-shirts, black or striped or patterned shirts, short coat, hoodie, leather duster, studded belts, leather jacket, hat, leather pants, converses, boots, athletic shoes, suits in a formal event, red-blue-green pants, earring, rings, bracelets, necklaces, an 'army' jacket or shirt or pants, wife beaters
    Stuff I don't like:
    Preppy style, plain sweaters, polo shirts, huge pants with the crotch hanging low, neon clothes, too flashy athletic shoes, dirty-not ironed-too old clothes, too tight or too baggy clothes, too many colours in one outfit, dressing casual in formal events

  • I don't usually care what a guy wears unless I have a crush on him but I like two types of outfits on guys'

    a) professional clothes such as suits and ties
    b) athletic wear like fila and puma etc...

  • I like classy guys. I dont like the ones who dress "swaggy" either sportive (if they aren't doing sport).

    • Fair enough. I don't like the 'swaggy' people either.
      We call them 'swag fags' in the UK lmao.
      With their snapback and baggy jeans which are like below their knees.
      Then, for some reason they like splitting their eye brows.

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    • I get called a Hipster by my friends all the time lmao.
      I definitely dress like one, just minus the personality.
      ''Have you only just heard about that band? Wow, you're so late. I knew about them ages ago.''
      Stuff like that is what they tend to say. I'm not like that at all. Surely that's good, right?

    • Ahah yea, its fine!

  • skinny jeans, nice leather shoes, maybe a flannel shirt, or a sweater that isn't distressingly graphic or decorated. and a jacket that he would lend me if I looked like i was cold. also, scarves.

    I do not like high top adidas, shiny black parkas, headphones.

  • classy, preppy. sweaters are nice.

  • flannels and black skinnies are always a winner (aND GREY SKINNY SWEATPANTS ARE JUST A UNIVERSAL PANTY DROPPER)

    • Yeah, I always wear black skinny jeans. Black and Purple is kinda my thing atm

  • neat and clean in appearance. NOT WITH FALLING DOWN PANTS!!!
    Having some respect shown in what and how he wears it.

    • Nice, the falling down trousers thing pisses me off as well.

  • It doesn't really matter as long as the clothes fit nicely. A colour scheme would be good too!

    Something like this. Make sure your jeans aren't too tight!

    • Lmao, my Jeans are like skin tight. xD

    • Lol I'm sure there are some girls that like that.

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