GAG'ers, do you also produce piles of textile waste or do you recycle - see article?

This article caught my attention... some research indicated that excluding recycled items, textile waste makes up 5 to 7% of the weight in a landfill.

For me, the problem is smaller. We donate out-of-fashion clothes to charity before they're worn out.

Only things like worn out panties, pairs of socks or ruined hosiery from my mom, en up in the trash. Perhaps 5 items per month, far less than 5%.

So GAG'ers, how does your textile waste production or recycling look compared to these statistics?

How does
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If anyone is curious how textile recycling works... this is a recycling plant at work.


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  • Around the 5-7% I know I'm so bad! *slaps my wrist* πŸ™ˆ BUT Hans BUT I do try my best to help the environment and the economy, that saying the clothes I have in my wardrobe are hmm to good in quality to be given to the trash can, I give them to the job for profit organisations. Or if something has no meaning/value to me I give them to my sister. I sometimes cut sleeves off old shirts "reuse, recycling" and other bits and bobs (Yes I'm great with needles and thread) and alter/make new clothing.. I do my best Hans give me some credit here, that does sounds like a lot being put to the tip though 😁

    • Haha, what does "beinig put to the tip" mean? Your non-native English speaker friend is trying to understand that... but you know expressions are the most difficult think when learning a language :-)
      Compliments that you recycle & reuse so much!

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    • Well, sorry I mean they're 180Β° opposite to yours.
      You do your best FOR people. They do their best TO HARM people. Sometimes it's disgusting to read, as you know.

    • Yeah it does sound terrible Hans

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  • Clothes that can still be used I give away to charity, and clothes that aren't suitable for that I take to a recycling center. I have one in the neighborhood, so it's pretty easy for me to take stuff there.

    • That's interesting, I've actually heard about recycling centers but in many countries or regions they're rare.
      Generally clothes recycling is limited to paper/carboard en to plastic and cans. And wearable second hand clothes. That's where it generally stops.
      The articles explained that the 5-7% is excluding the about 60% of our textile waste that is collected for charity.

  • I've never understood exactly why all textiles can't be recycled. I mean the fibers themselves can be rewoven into other products, at least into things like furniture-packing blankets, carpeting, etc. It really does seem to me like a tremendous waste of fiber to throw old clothes in the trash and have that go into a landfill.

    • Well I checked that out before asking the question: about 80% of the trashed textile is recyclable. They make fillings for car seats or pillows out of them, or nylon can be turned into nylon ropes for example.
      It's probably a question of starting to collect trash textile separetely or putting containers for discarded textile at strategic spots.

    • Well I think it's great that you raised awareness of this with your question. Throwing textile fiber into landfills is just a tremendous waste. Raising awareness is always the first step.

    • Yeah I agree. And I posted a question update yesterday with a YouTube video of a textile recycling plant at work. Really interesting. But in most of our countries, still very rare :-)

  • I never throw out clothes unless they're ruined. if I dont' want them I take them to a resale store. And I'm pretty sure those places donate them to Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army, etc

    • Yeah we do that as well! I think one step further could be to recycle practically every textile fiber even when the clothe has become unwearable.
      This waste becomes thinks like carpets, chair or pillow fillings, ships ropes,...

  • I don't buy new clothes, I'm probably still wearing the same shit from years ago. Sometimes I'll buy stuff on clearance or at Goodwill

    • Haha your habits are not that far away from mine... I tend to wear stuff a long time. I do 3 to 5 years with a pair of shoes for example. Even my socks or underpants last for many months.
      It's probably because I don't like shopping so "out of fashion" is not really my thing :-)
      But 5 to 7% sounded like a lot... if a full garbage bag is 70 cm high or so it would mean about 4 cm high in every bag would on average be full of textile. Don't know how one would do that :-)

  • i tear up my old clothes!!!

  • I donate all of my used/old clothes to Goodwill.

    • Haha, all? Do they also accept the non-wearable stuff for recycling?
      If yes, nice initiative!

    • Ahhh, that stuff I take to a local college's recycling center.

  • No I never do unless its litterally has to be thrown away because it's old and wearing out when I tired of my clothes or I can't fit them I give it to my friends or sisters and visa versa it saves money and 5he enviroment.

    Sometimes I'll dontate them to Good Will also.

    • Thanks for your opinion :-)
      Yeah my impression is the 5-7% would take people not donating anything to charity.

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