Is willingly being a member of a boy-band immoral (Or any band that sells music through the use of sex)?

Most notably boy bands, but others such as nicki minaj and the like. Is willingly being a part of a group that uses sex to sell talent-less music immoral?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • First off, morality is a mercurial concept, entirely subjective and a measure of nothing.

    Secondly, it takes two to sell, a seller and a buyer. Basic economics tells us it doesn't matter what the actual value of something is, the important part is perceived value. If the seller can convince the buyer the value of his product/service is worth the benefit, the buyer will purchase.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sex sells. But using sex to sell is immoral. Because you trick people that your product has a higher value than it actually does, because you present men or women as sexual objects and because of promiscuity


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  • Really? Boy bands? I would say no. My band is far more immoral than boy bands.

  • Using sex Is not ok at all. It sends a negative image to the audience.


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