Any tips on making long-hair look attractive on a man? Products, styling etc. I'm clueless?

Given my head type (big and shit) and lack of facial hair, I'm starting to wonder if quite long hair is the only way to make myself look at all interesting/stylish. I feel like short hair will make the chunkiness more obvious, or something?

Anyway, yeah, how does one go about this? I've never known a great deal about styling hair and the products one uses, especially for longer hair. Does any "sculpting" occur at all? Or is it entirely about finding the right conditioners/shampoos and getting the best-possible "natural" look?

I suppose I should also ask for women's opinions on long hair in general, too. Does it work for you? Or do you see it as less masculine in a bad way? Where do you draw the line? How long is too long?

Any info remotely relevant much appreciated, guys. And happy new year :)


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