Guys, would you date a girl on 'cuteness' or 'hotness/sexiness'?

I don't know exactly what cute means in the guy terms but some said it means cute like a 'puppy' or something 'safe'.

'Hotness/sexiness' would mean like a Megan Fox look or something seductive I guess.

Both are beautiful to you... or is beauty different from those adjectives? At least all of them are some sort of attractiveness.

So what would you prefer for a serious relationship? Because I know many guys would love to date a sexy girl too with a hot body, etc.

I always get called cute. Sometimes I get the other when going out, but normally I'm the cute one because I'm petite, but guys have called me unapproachable until they get to know me (my personality).


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  • It means different things to different guys. I have yet to be with a single girl who understood me when I called them cute. For me to call you very cute is one of my highest forms of approval. For me to call you sexy would mean in its own context something positive about you, but cute is a higher level of appreciation than sexy in my own lexicon. Sometimes cute means extremely physically attractive, and other times cute means extremely physically attractive in combination with other very positive mental-vibe attributes. It also implies a "very endearing softness" and feminine-ness, for me. For some other guys, these statements don't hold true, and for that reason I understand your confusion. I can only speak for me.

    You've just got to get him to tell you what he means in different terms or take it in the context in which he uses the word. Example: to me Jennifer Anniston IS CUTE, i.e., one of the most attractive physical specimens that God has ever made (with minimal implication about her mind/behavior) "Cute" is WAY more of a compliment and way stronger of an expression of my desire than me saying that I think some typical Playboy Playmate is "sexy". Again, that's just how *I* feel about those words. PS For further clarity, I think a Jennifer Anniston Playboy centerfold would be one of the most desirable centerfolds in HISTORY - even though I use the word "cute" to describe her!


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  • Maybe you're "unapproachable" because you don't smile very much and/or you have closed body language. Make a conscious effort to smile more and show a relaxed, cool interest in people, and take note of the responses you get.

    I would prefer a "cute" girl for a relationship any day. A "hot" girl is eye candy, but if her personality is an openly flirtatious one I'd feel less secure in the relationship. With the "cute" one you don't always have to second-guess the relationship, you can just relax and connect with her more instead of having to turn up the flirtation a whole lot to keep her interested (which, for a low-key sorta-shy guy like me, would be a lot of work). Best of luck.

  • First off Megan freaking Fox is Drop Dead killer Freakin grogeous and I am not saying that because of her new movie lol. Cute, to me, is something about a girl that I seem to notice. Like the way she does certain things suchas: the way she stares off as she thinks or the way she scrunches up her nose when she's being silly or even the way she puffs her mouth when she is frustrated. And I am saying that about any girl. I know I sound like a softy but that, to me, is what cute is. You have to also remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that serious relationships can happen whether the guy thinks that his girl is hot or cute. It is all about the chemistry at that point. hope this helped.

  • Cute reigns supreme. Forget sexiness... it's a flash in the pan.

  • Cute can mean a lot of things to different people and in different contexts, so be careful reading so much into it! I've used "cute" to describe someone who's safe and nonthreatening and generally puppy-like, but sometimes I've used the same word to mean hot/sexy.

    As for who I'd rather date... I guess that would be someone who is cute and sexy at the same time :P

  • I find "cute" to be more attractive than "hot/sexiness" in general. So for a serious relationship? Definitely cute.

    You said:

    "'Hotness/sexiness' would mean like a Megan Fox"


    "I don't know exactly what cute means...

    Cute would be like Lindsay Czarniak or Allison Mack.

  • Most importanly the personality has to be right , and then cute , can't stand sexy as it just ain't sexy to me , I like being able to spend time with her andnot have to worry bout everybody else checking her out just cause she looks sexy , I want to love her for who she is


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